Tapp Family Home, Inc.

 Professional care in a home setting since 1982.

     Sindbad the horse enjoying a snack behind the Tapp Family Home -- he is another part of the homestead atmosphere for our friends and families.


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Tapp Family Home, Inc., ALF

8106 Rural Point Road

Mechanicsville, VA 23116

Phone:  804-730-1380

E-mail: MartiKN@TappFamilyHome.com

(on Hanover County Route 643, about one half mile east of US301 and about five miles north of I-295/US301 intersection on north side of metro-Richmond region; click on Driving Directions for map and directions from your location).

     You are welcome to come by today and see for yourself why the Tapp Family Home is one of the best kept secrets in Hanover County! 


     Plan ahead to learn more and add your name to our no-obligation waiting list. 

     Ned and the rest of the Tapp Family Home friends and staff welcome you to learn more today. 
     Why not come on by to visit, chit-chat, and see for yourself!
  •      Tapp Family Home, Inc., has only one location, as shown in the picture on this page, at 8106 Rural Point Road (Hanover Country road 643), Mechanicsville, Virginia 23116. 
  •      Tapp Family Home, Inc., is not to be confused with any other locations that might be providing residential care and/or using the name Tapp. 
  •      Any location providing care for four or more adults is under regulatory control, and smaller facilities cannot use the phrase Assisted Living Facility (ALF).
  •      Tapp Family Home, Inc., is pleased to be a licensed Assisted Living Facility (ALF, not the same as AFL) that is regulated and operated in accord with the Code of Virginia, United States of America. 

Question:  What is an ALF?  Answer:  From the Code of Virginia:


"Assisted living facility (ALF)" means, as defined in § 63.2 - 100 of the Code of Virginia, any congregate residential setting that provides or coordinates personal and health care services, 24-hour supervision, and assistance (scheduled and unscheduled) for the maintenance or care of four or more adults who are aged, infirm or disabled and who are cared for in a primarily residential setting, ..."  


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