Tapp Family Home, Inc.

 Professional care in a home setting since 1982.

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Frequently asked questions.  Please contact us if you have any questions about us or about assisted living.

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1.  Who is responsible for this household?  Our Administrator.  The administrator of the home since 1996 is a Registered Nurse who holds a Masters of Science Degree in Nursing Education; has extensive critical care experience; and taught nursing at both Junior College and State University levels.


2.  Who cares for the family in this household?  Our Staff.  Our staff members are dedicated, caring and trained to take the best care of elders whose capacities may be declining.  We are blessed to have a stable group of aides who have been with us for years and love our residents.


3.  Who else helps keep the family home so special?  The team of skilled individuals who cook, clean, entertain, pray, and maintain the house and grounds.  All are guided by the Administrator and management team.


4.  What happens when a resident has a need in the wee hours of the night?  A member of our team is always in the Tapp Family Home, and we are available to provide assistance around the clock.

5.  What services are offered?  We provide whatever assistance is needed for daily tasks of living such as dressing, bathing, shaving, hair care, oral and denture care, toileting, incontinence care, etc.


We also provide three home-cooked meals a day with snacks, laundry, housekeeping, medication administration, and daily resident activities. Hospice care is provided by local hospices and we work with home health agencies providing physical, occupational and speech therapy.


We offer daily activities such as chair aerobics, several worship services/week, outings to local destinations, etc.


We have found that our residents love to sing; so there are regular opportunities to enjoy singing familiar songs and hymns. Our residents are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors by taking walks or just sitting on the deck and savoring the pastoral views.


We also have quiet times when the residents are free to relax, read, sit outside or watch TV without feeling they are missing something.


We try for a good balance of fun activities and interaction and quiet relaxation so that no one feels bored or pressured to participate when they don’t wish to do so.


6.  Who gives the hands-on resident care?  Our staff nurses are dedicated, caring and trained to take the best care of elders whose capacities may be declining. CNA’s, Medication Aides or Home Health Aides, they are each well experienced in elder care. We obtain references and conduct criminal background checks on all employees.


Our residents are cared for by two staff nurses during the day and there is one staff person on premises at night.


7.  Will my parent have to change doctors upon admission to Tapp Family Home?  No, each resident maintains the relationship with their own, trusted physician.


Transportation to the doctor is included in the monthly resident fee.


8.  Why would I choose Tapp Family Home over a large facility, a nursing home or stay-at-home care?  There are advantages to a small home setting for many people who need some level of assistance or supervision.


For those who are considering having in-home care there are several issues to consider:


One is the reliability of staff. At home, if there is a problem with staff, someone in the family has to stay home with the elder and provide care that day, or make other last-minute arrangements. At Tapp Family Home, you don’t need to worry about missing work to care for your loved one.


Another issue is that of isolation and loneliness. When people spend much of the day alone they tend to become focused on themselves and how they feel and what they need. When they are around other people, they have things to think about and do other than focus on their own problems. We find that their mood improves and their activity level increases in a group setting. Some problems they have had at home seem to disappear when they arrive in a new setting.


For those considering a large facility or a nursing home something to think about is how confusing and stressful it might be to be relocated into a large, unfamiliar setting where the staff changes daily. For many, a small setting can be more manageable as far as getting familiar with the staff and the daily routine.


We make sure that everyone gets to the table for meals, we know when someone gets turned around at night coming from the bathroom, and we are there to notice the small changes that can signal illness in an older person. We have the privilege of really getting to know our residents and they come to rely on us. We have the opportunity to individualize care because we have a small resident-to-nurse ratio.


Our rural location in Hanover county offers a natural setting for those who are stressed by too much noise and activity. The trees, birds, deer and horses on the property are calming and offer something to observe year-round. We encourage our residents to come outside to walk or sit in the sunshine or have lunch on the deck.


9.  But isn’t a large facility more professional?  We are inspected and licensed by the Department of Social Services, and the local Fire and Health Departments also inspect us regularly. Our staff is fully trained and our Licensed Administrator is an RN with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education. We adhere to the same regulations as all other licensed, independent Assisted Living Facilities in Virginia.


We offer professional care in a personal home setting. So we feel we offer the best of both worlds: the professional standards of care that each person deserves along with the warm personal attention each individual needs. We want them to be most comfortable when they are with us. We know we’re on the right track when our residents start referring to us as “home”.


10.  Is it very out-of-the-way?  No, even though we are in a rural setting, we are close to 295 and emergency services. We are about three miles from Interstate 295 in Hanover county, off Route 301, which is Chamberlayne Road. We are a mile from both the Henry fire station and the Ashcake rescue squad, and four miles from Memorial Regional Medical Center.


We are within a couple of miles of Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, Bojangle’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Popeye’s, gas stations, grocery stores and sit-in restaurants.


11.  Will we have to call ahead in order to visit our loved one? No, visitors are encouraged to come at any time during visiting hours, which are 9 AM – 6:30 PM, with the exception of meal times (12 noon and 5 PM).



12.  What about meals?  We serve breakfast at 8 AM and will make sure the resident is clean and appropriately dressed for the day before they come to the table. Lunch is the big meal of the day and is served at noon. A lighter supper is provided at 5 PM so they are not going to bed on a very full stomach.


Our menu of familiar foods is posted so the residents and families can see what will be served. There are snacks offered regularly as well.

13.  What payment arrangements do you accept?  Please contact us so that we can answer with regard to your specific situation and needs (private room, shared room, etc.).  For general information, CLICK HERE.


14.  How can I find out more about Tapp Family Home? Please call now or come by to discover a welcoming home.