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     Hi, my name is Bubba, and I have approved this message! 


     I like to talk a lot and have a large vocabulary of meows, chirps, and purrs. 


      I like to sun myself on the deck outside the living room, and would love to see you when you come to the Tapp Family Home!

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Customer Testimonials

A recently received note .......
To Martha and all the staff,
Thanks so much for all your good care to Violet.
Wayne and I were saying if we ever need assisted living care, we want to stay at the Tapp Family Home.
The warm home environment and care and patience of all staff was greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.
Will and Pat Lawhorn
(Provided and published with permission.  Wayne and Will are Violet's sons; Pat is Violet's daughter-in-law.  April 2016)
     Another kindly note .......
Dear Martha,
Thank you so much for the care you gave my son Ned at the Tapp Family Home. 
You and your staff did so many extra things for him to make him happy. 
I really did appreciate it and so did Ned.
wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Pat recently wrote us -- her exact words:


     When the time came that my sister and I had to think of possibly moving our Mom out of her home, the home she had lived in since 1945, we were extremely saddened and scared.   She was showing early signs of Alzheimers, and we felt it was too dangerous for her to live alone. 


     With my sister living in Florida and me still working, we really did not know what to do, until a friend informed me of The Tapp Family Home, in Mechanicsville. 


     The things that impressed me the most were:

  • it was close to my home, so I could visit often;
  • it was a home, not an institutional building;
  • they only take 10 residents, so it was small;
  • it was clean, and the staff was warm and friendly, not only to the residents, but their families also;
  • their fees were very reasonable, and
  • the owners, Dick and Martha, were definitely “hands on” with their care and love for the residents.  


     In the end it turned out to be a good choice for our Mom, and we felt that she received wonderful care there. 


     Since her passing in September of 2011, my husband and I continue to visit the residents and staff as often as we can.


     Original on file, signed by PKW